Univer 40MP Compound Aluminium Mitre Saw

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Luna Univer 40MP Compound Mitre Drop Saw is ideal for customers who require a solution to compound mitre cutting.  The Univer 40MP features a 400mm blade and a pivoting head with graduated degree scale for accurate setting of compound angles.  Pneumatic clamps and pneumatic spray mist are standard.  Made in Italy this is a superb machine.  Ideal for Aluminium or uPVC cutting.

  • 400mm Aluminium blade
  • 3HP 415v Sealed Induction Motor
  • Compound Cut Feature - cut 45° up to 200W x 70H 
  • Mitre left & right up to 45°
  • 45°-30°-22.5°-15°-0° location points
  • Cuts 200Wx110H @ 90°
  • Cuts 140Wx110H @ 45°
  • Intermediate angles via manual lock
  • 2 Horizontal Pneumatic Clamps
  • Spray-mist blade lubricator
  • Machine Stand
  • Air duster gun included
  • High quality European blade included
  • Precision angle cutting
  • Ideal for commercial aluminium & general profile cutting

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    Univer 40MP Compound Aluminium Mitre Saw

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Weight: 135 kg
Height: 1680 mm
Width: 850 mm
Depth: 1000 mm
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