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The SC550P Hidden Saw feature a large 550mm circular saw blade which can rotate to 22.5 degrees both left and right.

It also features easy set angles at 45-0-45 degrees.  There are three buttons located on the control panel each one with a dedicated angle of 45-0-45. These angles can be set by the operator with a simple push of a button.  

Clamps are standard as are the automatic safety guard and two hand safety operation.  The machine fully complies with CE and AS standards.  

Made in Europe by Yilmaz Machinery

  • 550mm "Dress" Aluminium Blade (Made in Germany)
  • 4.0kw 415v Induction motor
  • Angle Tilt at the push of a button
  • Massive Cutting Capacity
  • 2 x Horizontal Pneumatic Clamps
  • "NEW" Automatic Vertical Clamping Bar
  • Automatic safety Guard
  • Spray MIst Blade Lubricator
  • Solid Construction (Weighs 460kg!)

 SC550P Cut Chart



    SC550P Large Capacity Aluminium Mitre Saw

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