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Automatic Programmable Measuring Stop 

Remove to chance of costly errors buy installing a Luna SKN Automatic Measuring Stop on your cutting machine.

The operator simply inputs the size they require and press go and the stop automatically positions itself.  Accurate to 0.1mm the system is incredibly fast and is build with reliability and accuracy in mind. 

The mobile stop uses proper roller bearings which travel on twin hardened steel slide ways.  This provides maximum rigidity and longevity through out the products life.

The SKN range is fitted with a large industrial windows based touchscreen controller that is easy to read and operate. The unit is able to externally accept cutting lists via USB.


The SKN can be used in three modes:

Simple "Go To Size" mode = just enter a size and press GO!

Recall Size mode = Operators can program in specific sizes and recall them at any time.  Up to 999 sizes can be stored in memory.

Jog Mode = Use the forward and back buttons to jog the the stop manually.


SKN is available in the following sizes:

SKN300 = 3.0m Maximum cut length (from saw blade)

SKN450 = 4.5m Maximum cut length (from saw blade)

SKN600 = 6.0m Maximum cut length (from saw blade)

Note that the SKN comes COMPLETE WITH INTERGRATED ROLLER TABLE!  That means you do not need to purchase a separate roller conveyor for your stop!

    Luna SKN300 Automatic Positioning Stop

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