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The Luna Maxi Digital Measuring Stop is the ideal solution for accurate linear measuring. Instead of using an inaccurate steel measuring tape the Luna Maxi Digital Measuring Stop gives the operator a digital display to read the dimensions.

Using a heavy duty extruded rail and twin steel stop “flags” the Luna Maxi Digital Measuring Stop can cope with the most demanding jobs. It uses a heavy duty sliding T nut and heavy duty handle. The Electro-magnetic digital readout on the Maxi Digital can achieve a repeatability of +/- 0.1mm. The digital display helps to eliminate miss read sizes on measuring tapes and helps to improve operator efficiency and accuracy.

There are no moving parts associated with the electronic positioning. Mains power is not required as the unit is supplied via a single “C” cell battery. This can last up to 2 years and is easily replaced.

The Luna Maxi Digital Measuring Stop can be mounted to the Luna Roller conveyors or to any bench top.

Proven reliability and accuracy, Luna Maxi Digital is THE most economical way to improve linear accuracy.

Available in 1.5m, 3.0m, 4.5m & 6.0m

    Maxi Digital Measuring Stop

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