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Luna Aluminium cutting Mitre Drop Saw

Ideal for commercial and industrial aluminium cutting.  The KD series drop saws feature precision angle cutting with CNC machined cast iron tables. The New Ergonomic Handle Design helps to reduce operator Fatigue and the integrated on/off switch makes starting and stopping the machine much faster and safer. The KD350P Aluminium Saws are fitted with pneumatic clamps and spray mist blade lube system.  The KD saw design has been optimised to provide years of service with low ongoing running costs.  


  • 350mm "Dress" Aluminium blade (Made in Germany)
  • 3HP 415v  Sealed Induction Motor (240v available)
  • Mitre left & right up to 45°
  • 45°-30°-22.5°-15°-0° location points
  • Cuts 180Wx100H, 150Wx125H (90deg)
  • Cuts 125Wx100H, 100Wx125H (45deg)
  • Intermediate angles via manual lock
  • 2 Horizontal Pneumatic Clamps
  • 1 Vertical Pneumatic Clamp
  • Pressure regulator for Clamps
  • On/Off valve for clamps
  • Spray-mist blade lubricator
  • Machine Stand
  • Air duster gun included
  • Precision angle cutting
  • Ideal for commercial aluminium & general profile cutting

MS350P from Josh Laycock on Vimeo.




    KD350P Aluminium Cutting Mitre Saw

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Luna KD350 Aluminum Mitre Saw Handle Luna KD350 Aluminium Mitre Saw Clamps
Luna KD350 Aluminium Mitre Saw Table
Luna KD350 Aluminium Mitre Saw with roller Tables Luna KD350 Aluminium Mitre Saw with 1.5m Maxi
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