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  • Want a saw that can reliably cut aluminium?  
  • Need to cut accurately?  
  • Want a 2 year industrial warranty?  
  • Do you want a real saw?

Our Luna KD350PS is the result of more than three decades of experience in the Australian aluminium industry, listening to customers feedback and a constant drive to improve an already great product.


The KD350PS can accurately cut almost any non-ferrous material including aluminium, copper, brass, acrylic, composites and uPVC.  Part of the ability to cut these materials is the heavy duty cast iron table and high pressure injection cast aluminium components.  All parts are CNC machined to provide maximum reliability and accuracy.  


When combined with the Luna Roller Conveyor and Measuring Systems the KD350PS becomes a complete cutting station ready for years of reliable, accurate cutting.  With a complete Luna Saw package the KD350PS can cut almost any extrusions from the smaller fly screen up to solid bar stock.


Having a KD350PS in your workshop will improve your final product and reduce clean up and mistakes by produce clean, repeatable accurate cuts.  Your product starts its life with the first cut.  Why not make it a good cut?


Using ergonomic designs the KD350PS has optimised the table height and handle position to reduce operator fatigue and increase productivity.  


The machine is designed with the “Keep It Simple” approach.  This results in rugged construction and simple maintenance to keep the machine in top condition. 


All KD350PS saws come with automatic pneumatic clamps, automatic blade lubrication system, German made aluminium blade and fabricated machine stand with cabinet.    


Fully backed up with a complete range of spare parts in our Gold Coast warehouse and our knowledgeable technical staff.  You can rest assured your KD350PS will be a valuable asset in your workshop for years to come.


  • 350mm Aluminium blade (Made in Germany)
  • 3HP 415v  Sealed Induction Motor (240v available)
  • Mitre left & right up to 45°
  • 45°-30°-22.5°-15°-0° location points
  • Cuts 180Wx100H, 150Wx125H (90deg)
  • Cuts 125Wx100H, 100Wx125H (45deg)
  • Intermediate angles via manual lock
  • 2 Horizontal Pneumatic Clamps
  • 1 Vertical Pneumatic Clamp
  • Pressure regulator for Clamps
  • On/Off valve for clamps
  • Spray-mist blade lubricator
  • Machine Stand
  • Air duster gun included
  • Precision angle cutting
  • Ideal for commercial aluminium & general profile cutting





    KD350P Aluminium Cutting Mitre Saw

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KD350 Vertical Pneumatic Clamp KD350 Adjustable clamps
KD350 Activation valve for clamps and Spray-mist KD350 Pneumatic Clamps
KD350 Mitre scale KD350 3hp Sealed Induction Motor
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