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How Can a Copy Router Help My Production?
Copy Routing is the quickest and most effective method for making cut-outs of any shape in Hollow sections & extrusions. 
Copy Routers are primarily designed to work from an inter-changable, pre-designed metal template which is mounted at the back of the machine. The shape is transferred to the work piece by using one of the two copy pins to trace the template, then a specially designed self Drilling Router Cutter produces the desired cut-out onto the extrusion.
Copy Routers can also produce rectangular, square shapes or slots without a template by setting the four head guides to the desired position.
The Routing method is fast, accurate and can be utilized with unskilled labor. The reliability and versatility has been proven under years of continuous production conditions.


 FR221 Description

The Luna FR221 Template Router is the work horse of the Luna Router range.  The features and quality the FR221 offers have never been available in an entry level router before.  With a sealed induction motor quality Festo and Telemecanique electrical components the FR221 is designed to give a long, trouble free life.

Twin Tracer Pins are standard along with Pneumatic Clamps, Pneumatic Spray Mist system, Length Stops (left and right), air gun and superb quality construction. 

  • Produce lock cut-outs quick & easily
  • 1.6HP 240v 12'000rpm motor
  • Traces from Metal template
  • Maximum slot 260mm x 110mm
  • Template size 490mm x 120mm
  • Twin copy pins
  • Pneumatic clamps
  • Spray mist lubricator
  • Enclosed cabinet
  • Air duster gun
  • European made
  • Includes 2 end stops
  • Includes 5mm HSS cutter
  • Includes Lockwood template for 591F, 590F, 591F Sliding Door Striker, 3582 Striker & 590F Bolt Hole.

 Optional 1.5m MKN150 Roller conveyor with Measuring Stop


    FR221 Template Aluminium Copy Router

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FR221 Aluminium Copy Router Table FR221 Router Bit and Spray-Mist Lubricator
FR221 Copy Pin and Template FR221 Electrical Cabinet
FR221 Solid Linear Rods FR221 airgun
Weight: 73 kg
Height: 1490 mm
Width: 800 mm
Depth: 640 mm
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