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Luna KM211P Manual End Miller is ideal for slotting and/or notching the ends of aluminium and uPVC profiles.  The Luna Endmilling Machine has many uses in the production of butt joint or rebated joint frames.  The advantage of this machine is its versatility as cutters for the machine can be quickly changed for different profile machining operations.

Replace expensive punch tools

  • 1.0HP 240v Motor
  • Large cutting capacity
  • 160mm cutter capacity
  • Pneumatic clamps x 2 (1 x vertical, 1 x horizontal)
  • Spray mist cutter lubricator
  • Fully enclosed hood with safety switch
  • Adjustable depth gauge
  • Full Sheet metal cabinet
  • Ideal for aluminium profile end notching
  • Made in Europe by Yilmaz


    KM211P Manual End Mill

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KM211 Manual Aluminium Profile End Miller pneumatic Air clamps KM211 Aluminium Profile End Milling machine Festo Air Gun
KM211 Aluminium Profile End Milling machine cutting KM211 Aluminium Profile End Milling machine profile depth stop
KM211 Profile Aluminium end miller Hood Safety switch
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