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 Introducing the "New" CRM301S Aluminium/PVC Copy Router with Rotating table, access 3 sides of your Aluminium or PVC Profile quickly and easily!

The New CRM301S Copy Router incorporates a Rotating Table which uses a pneumatic locking system to access the Aluminium/PVC Profile on 3 different faces @-90º, 90º or +90º, it is also possible to access any angle in-between with the pneumatic table locking system and Digital Angle Measuring* (*optional).
The CRM301S also uses 3 x Pneumatic Copy Pins, this means each Copy Pin can be dedicated to one face of the profile when performing the cut-outs, therefor the piece never has to be unclamped during the routing operation. The large template and extended travel of the head means that many operations can be performed without the need to swap Templates.

The CRM301S also features a powerful 2.2KW variable RPM Motor (from 2800rpm to 12000rpm) which means it is capable of routing steel upto 2mm thick when a special Mill cutter is used. Also included are 4 x Pneumatic Clamps. Spray Mist Lubricator and 2 x integrated roller Tables with Measuring Stops. 


  • 2.2KW (3HP) Variable RPM Motor (2800-12000rpm)
  • Rotating Table with pneumatic lock (+90º/90º/+90º)
  • 3 x Copy pins with pneumatic activation
  • Head Travel = 585mm x 400mm x 250mm (LxWxH)
  • 4 x Pneumatic Clamps
  • Spray-Mist Lubricator for cutter.
  • Integrated Conveyor/Stop on each side.
  • Air Gun
  • Optional Digital Angle display for Table
    CRM301S Aluminium Rotating Copy Router

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