Lunasol Ultra Mist Coolant

High Performance, Low Cost.

USE: Pneumatic spray mist systems

High performance cutting fluid designed specifically for SPRAY MIST LUBRICATION systems. . Will not effect welding or powder coating processes. LunaSol is non-toxic, contains no halogens or carcinogens, and is petroleum free and fully synthetic. LunaSol is design for use on all non-ferrous metals and can be used in all aluminium processes including sawing, drilling, tapping, punching and milling.

Luna Spray mist applicator kits can yield up to 15,000 cuts* per litre of LunaSol Ultra.

Spray Mist Kits available.

Dilutes 20:1 with tap water.

File Downloads

$25.00 excl. GST 1 Litre Lunasol Ultra 1 Litre Lunasol Ultra
$59.00 excl. GST 4 Litre Lunasol Ultra 4 Litre Lunasol Ultra
$259.00 excl. GST 20 Litre Lunasol Ultra 20 Litre Lunasol Ultra
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